Seven schools affected by new OHSAA Fall divisional assignments


XENIA — The OHSAA announced on Tuesday its preliminary divisional structures for the 2024 Fall sports season.

The 2024-25 school year will be the first to use an expanded number of divisions for seven OHSAA sports. Boys and girls soccer will have the number of divisions used increase from three to five, while girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, baseball, and softball all will increase from four to seven. All of those sports will separate the 64 largest schools into Division I, with the next highest 64 going into D-II, and the remainder of the divisions being divided up as evenly as possible.

Beavercreek remains in Division I for all sports, as expected due to its enrollment numbers being near the top of any school in the state.

Xenia and Fairborn both will move down from D-I. The Skyhawks will have both soccer teams be in D-II, with its volleyball team in D-III. The Buccaneers girls soccer team will be in D-II, while boys soccer and volleyball go into D-III. Xenia’s girls enrollment placed them into D-II for volleyball before competitive balance numbers bumped them to D-III status.

Bellbrook and Carroll both will drop one division to D-III in all sports.

Greeneview has its boys soccer team placed into D-IV, with girls soccer and volleyball both at D-V. Yellow Springs will be at D-V in soccer, but D-VI in volleyball.

Cedarville and Legacy Christian will be in the lowest levels for all sports.

In volleyball, D-I and II will use four districts for its postseason tournament, while D-III will have five, and D-IV through VII all using six.

For boys and girls soccer, D-I and II will also have four districts, and D-III through V all will have six.

There are no changes for local football teams in the upcoming season, with all Greene County schools remaining in the same divisions and regions placed in during their 2023 campaigns.

All of the division assignments are still pending approval until a referendum voting which could allow schools to opt into D-I status takes place in May.

The OHSAA approved the divisional expansion measures in February. Football had been the only sport to use more than four divisions prior to the changes.


The following shows how each Greene County school is currently assigned by the OHSAA with its current competitive balance adjusted enrollment numbers, along with the enrollment ranges and number of schools for each division listed. In parenthesis next to each school is the previous division it was placed into for the 2023-24 season.

(Based on 2024-25 OHSAA adjusted enrollment)


D-I — 575-1256 (64 schools)

Beavercreek — 833 (D-I)

D-II — 412-574 (64 schools)

D-III — 265-411 (131 schools)

Xenia — 409 (D-I)

Fairborn — 402 (D-I)

Bellbrook — 319 (D-I)

Carroll — 282 (D-II)

D-IV — 190-264 (130 schools)

D-V — 134-189 (132 schools)

Greeneview — 146 (D-III)

D-VI — 91-133 (131 schools)

Yellow Springs — 94 (D-IV)

D-VII — 15-90 (130 schools)

Legacy Christian — 85 (D-IV)

Cedarville — 73 (D-IV)


D-I — 576-1256 (64 schools)

Beavercreek — 834 (D-I)

D-II — 404-575 (64 schools)

Xenia — 412 (D-I)

Fairborn — 404 (D-I)

D-III — 239-403 (126 schools)

Bellbrook — 319 (D-II)

Carroll — 296 (D-II)

D-IV — 168-238 (127 schools)

D-V — 49-167 (130 schools)

Greeneview — 148 (D-III)

Legacy Christian — 94 (D-III)

Yellow Springs — 85 (D-III)


D-I — 626-1389 (64 schools)

Beavercreek — 917 (D-I)

D-II — 448-625 (64 schools)

Fairborn — 465 (D-I)

D-III — 251-447 (146 schools)

Xenia — 427 (D-I)

Bellbrook — 358 (D-II)

Carroll — 289 (D-II)

D-IV — 168-250 (145 schools)

Greeneview — 173 (D-III)

D-V — 29-167 (146 schools)

Legacy Christian — 119 (D-III)

Yellow Springs — 102 (D-III)

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