Prosecutor’s Office donates funds to Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative


XENIA — Greene County prosecutor David Hayes on Monday presented a $6,000 check to the Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative.

The donation — a portion of funds seized by police from local criminal enterprises — came out of the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office State Law Enforcement Trust Fund which is donated annually to an exemplary cause such as Emerge.

According to the prosecutor’s office, of the $60,000 in money seized by Greene County law enforcement in 2023, 10 percent went to Emerge Recovery and Trade Initiative.

“I’ve heard only good things from anyone who has interacted with Emerge,” Hayes said. “When you decide where to devote funds, you want it to go somewhere worthwhile where some good can be done with it. Places like this that help people overcome challenges they face re-entering society, they offer a win-win for all.”

During the tour, Hayes spoke with men on-site who are entering long-term recovery.

“Lack of treatment leads people right back into the system,” Hayes said. “Substance use disorder and mental health issues are major issues. For people with these issues who come through here, this place can be life-changing. Emerge is a comprehensive, holistic approach that benefits everyone.”

The initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individuals within their programs — offering the necessary life and work skills to establish new career paths and thrive in today’s job market. It offers workforce training, housing, and education services.

“The partnership between recovery and law enforcement is crucial to support the community at large and the ones we serve. Greene County has a strong foundation due to the nature of these types of partnerships,” said Emerge CEO Rachel Huffman.

Reach Karen Rase at 937-502-4534.

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