Bright Sole Touchers holds sneaker giveaway


FAIRBORN — A local shoe store in Fairborn is making huge impressions on kids and families this month with several giveaway events.

Derick Bright and Keon McCarroll are co-owners of Bright Sole Touchers, a shoe store that just recently opened up its second location in Fairborn. What sets this store apart from, aside from being one of the only shoe stores in Fairborn, is the owners’ passion for giving back to the community the best way they know.

The most recent example of this comes from Bright and McCarroll’s holiday raffle, where three winners were chosen to receive a new pair of shoes of their choosing. The winners of the raffle, two adults and one 13-year-old boy, all decided to give their winning ticket to a kid in need rather than take the shoes for themselves.

“It was just great of these people who could have gotten their own pair of shoes buy into building confidence of the youth,” said Bright.

The first pair of shoes was given to a frequent customer of Bright’s shop, who would come by often to look at the inventory but couldn’t afford a pair himself. The second winner was found after Bright asked his son who might best appreciate a new pair of shoes, and after receiving about five recommendations to the same boy, Alijah Thompson was given his new pair of shoes Jan. 4 after his seventh-grade basketball game.

Teresa Cousins, Thompson’s mother, said she was both surprised and grateful for the selfless gift her son received this holiday season.

“Derick’s very active with kids in the community,” she said. “Just a great person.”

Thompson was given his pair of shoes, which Bright said he had him pick out “without knowing they were for him.”

Cousins said she wasn’t able to give her son the Christmas he deserved this year, and this gift helped tremendously.

“We try to give back as often as we can, but at the same time in the small business world it does make it kind of hard to do,” said Bright. “But if I see a kid in need like that, it’s automatic.”

There was a third winner in the holiday raffle, a young boy who didn’t need a new pair of shoes himself, who also decided to give his winning ticket away. Bright said he’s still searching for the right recipient.

Despite the difficulties giving away merchandise can bring to a small business, Bright said it’s something he’s passionate about and won’t give up.

“I know what it’s like,” he said “Shoes were always important growing up, I always knew how it was in a bigger city everyone looks at your shoes.”

Bright said he understands how having a nice pair of shoes can instill confidence in these kids, and he wants kids to “be confident and comfortable when they walk out of the house.”

Because of this, Bright said he and his business partner end up giving away “at least a couple pair a month,” with no intention of slowing down.

“If we can give it away we will give it away,” he said. “That’s the goal for the community.”

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