Vacant lot plans expanded


FAIRBORN — The Storage Sense facility project had some major updates approved in a city council meeting Monday night.

The vacant lot on 224-278 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road has been a point of interest for months now as Cobblestone Capital purchased it with plans to construct a self-storage facility. Now, preliminary plans have been approved to split the lot into three sections for multi-family and commercial use.

The first of three sections, to be turned into a Storage Sense facility, has been altered slightly since preliminary plans. Instead of creating a drive-through section, the facility will include an indoor storage area of 27 units. There will also be a new access door on the east side of the lot and a drive lane that circles the entire facility. This building will be on a 4.38 acre plot of the 15 total acres.

6.23 acres will be turned into future multi-family use where an old Kroger building still stands. The old building will be demolished with new buildings to be constructed later.

The final 4.91 acre lot will be for future commercial use.

According to City Planner Kathleen Riggs, Cobblestone Capital is expected to begin the demolition process in the next 90 days, destroying the building where the storage facility will be constructed. Riggs also said the current buildings may be used as a training exercise for the fire department prior to demolition.

Along with demolition and reconstruction of buildings, the council emphasized a need for Cobblestone Capital to repave the parking lot at some point. Riggs was supportive of this claim, and said Cobblestone Capital has been receptive to making these changes.

“Ultimately, they will be responsible to repave this entire lot once it’s developed,” said Riggs. “At this point, we’re working with them through that process.”

Construction for the Storage Sense facility has been completely approved as of Monday evening, but further resolutions will need to be passed to specify the multi-family and commercial uses, according to city officials.

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