County celebrating child support awareness month


XENIA — The Greene County Commissioners have proclaimed August to be Child Support Awareness month to acknowledge that support from both parents is essential to meeting children’s physical, social, and emotional needs and laying the groundwork for their future success.

One in three children is affected by Ohio’s child support program — that’s more than one million children, according to Greene County’s department of job and family services. Child support in Ohio is one of the most cost-effective and impactful programs around. Child support agencies provide services to families of all types, from divorcing parents to unmarried parents, to caretaker relatives, to children in the foster care program, and others, regardless of family income.

The Greene County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), a division of Job and Family Services, served more than 10,000 children and collected $25 million last year. The agency works closely with the Greene County prosecuting attorney, juvenile court, domestic relations court, and the clerk of courts to meet the requirements of the child support program. Greene County has the most cost-effective child support agency in the entire state, collecting $18.63 for every dollar expended.

“Child support is key to child well-being,” said Beth Rubin, director of Job and Family Services.

CSEA provides many important services, including establishing paternity and support/medical orders, collecting child support for families, and enforcing court orders.

“Children need both parents’ support to succeed, and we’re here to help ensure a better future,” said Monica Talkington, CSEA division administrator.

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