Local nurses receive accolades from OPHA


XENIA — A pair of Greene County Public Health nurses received recognition from the Ohio Public Health Association during its recent awards dinner.

Jennifer Barga, MSN, MHA, who serves as the director of maternal and child health, received the John D. Porterfield Award. This award recognizes a public health professional who has provided outstanding leadership and has demonstrated outstanding performance and accomplishment relating to public health throughout their career. This award was established in honor of Dr. John D. Porterfield, who served as director of health for the State of Ohio from 1947-1954. It has been awarded since 1976 and is OPHA’s most prestigious award.

Stephanie Sanders, BSN, who serves as one of two nurses for the children with medical handicaps program, received the Early Career Professional Award. This award recognizes an individual who is new (five years or less) to the field of public health or a field that impacts public health policy or practice; and has contributed by challenging traditional public health policy or practice in a creative or positive manner.

They were both nominated by their peers in the public health field. A small contingent of team members from Greene County Public Health, including Health Commissioner Melissa Howell, traveled to Columbus in support of the nurses.

“Greene County Public Health is fortunate to have such a dedicated team of professionals serving the public, helping to keep our communities healthy and safe for generations to come,” GCPH said in a release.

For more information about the Ohio Public Health Association, visit https://ohiopha.org.

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