UFO coin presented to designer


FAIRBORN — The first of many coins minted for an upcoming UFO conference and festival was just presented to its designer Scout Duncan, a student at Wright State University.

According to Duncan, they learned about this opportunity from family friends, and after communicating with Steve Haskin and his coin-minting company, they were given full reign to come up with a memorable and timeless design inspired by UFO and alien sightings.

Bill Cacciolfi is one of the founders of the Ohio UFO Heritage Conference & Festival, an upcoming event tied to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. The event will take place May 5-6 at the Hope Hotel on base.

According to Cacciolfi, Duncan was the one responsible for the heavy lifting that went into this particular coin’s design, and although he has helped with publicity and organization, he could not have created such a unique design without Duncan’s vision and aid.

With Duncan’s help and design expertise, Cacciolfi hopes to continue designing other alien-themed products, including a line of beer cans.

The coin was presented on March 13 at a local Waffle House which, according to Cacciolfi, was the place the coin was originally drawn up for production. Steve Haskin was responsible for printing the coin itself, but again pointed to Duncan as the one responsible for its creation.

Duncan also does freelance design work in her spare time, and those interested may reach out to their email at [email protected] for business inquiries.

The first batch of gold coins, meant for VIP participants in the organization, has just been minted, and the silver coins that will be sold to the public are expected to be ready on April 1, according to Haskin.

Contact Ethan Charles at 937-502-4532.

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