Fairborn Community Schools announces rebrand


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Schools announced a bold rebrand Tuesday, overhauling old logos and fonts for a new look moving forward.

According to a press release, the rebrand has been in the works for 10 months. The new brand includes academic and district-wide logos, along with specific guidelines for colors, typography, and consistent brand usage.

The new design is meant to call back to the history of the school system, and move the schools forward with a modern design. Kelly Mercer, Fairborn graduate and co-owner of Boom Crate Studios, worked with the Fairborn School District to create the new brand, as did a team of Fairborn stakeholders consisting of members from the board of education, alumni, building administration, teachers, and students to ensure representation and alignment with future goals from multiple perspectives.

“The coordination and creation of the district brand is very important for our schools. Staff members and community members will be able to utilize the branding guide and logos for all types of school uses including apparel, signage, newsletters, awards and so much more,” said Pam Gayheart, director of public relations and grants. “All of the information will be shared on the Fairborn City Schools’ website for school/community use. We are very proud of the hard work of the team and honored that a Fairborn graduate led our efforts.”

The new brand consists of a new general logo, an athletic logo, an academic crest, a color palette, and typography for posters and advertisements in the future. The schools also released a 52-page brand guide that goes into detail about each element and how they should be used.

With a new high school building to open in 2024, FCS thought it was appropriate to refresh its brand for the future of Fairborn schools.

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