Central State University Extension holding diabetes conference


WILBERFORCE — Central State University Extension is holding its 2nd Annual Keeping it Real Diabetes Conference from 12-4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11 at Central State University Dayton, 840 Germantown Street, Dayton.

This year’s conference aims to provide valuable information and resources for individuals living with diabetes. With four informative sessions planned, attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights on various aspects of managing diabetes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The first session, “Women’s, Diabetes and Sexual Health,” will be led by the André Harris, M.D. Harris is a renowned expert in the field and will share his knowledge and expertise to address the unique challenges faced by women with diabetes in relation to their sexual health.

Similarly, the second session, “Men’s Diabetes and Sexual Health,” will be conducted by Morris Brown, M.D. Brown’s extensive experience in the field will provide valuable insights and guidance to help men with diabetes manage their sexual health effectively.

In addition to addressing sexual health, the conference will also feature informative sessions on physical well-being. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in chair yoga, line dancing, and learn how to effectively utilize resistance bands. These sessions will be led by qualified instructors who have experience in promoting physical fitness for individuals living with diabetes.

One of the highlight sessions of the conference will be “Diabetes — Your Health is Your Wealth” facilitated by Brown, who will discuss the importance of managing diabetes as a key factor in overall well-being, emphasizing the crucial connection between good health and wealth.

Lastly, the conference will feature a “Mental Health Minute” session with Dr. Sonia Hunt, D.P.C, LSW. Hunt will outline the significance of mental health in managing diabetes and provide practical strategies for coping with the emotional aspects of the condition.

“We are thrilled to host the 2nd Annual Keeping it Real Diabetes Conference,” said Brooke Foster, the event organizer. “We believe that this conference will provide invaluable information and resources to help individuals living with diabetes lead fulfilling lives.”

For more information about the conference, contact Foster at [email protected]. Tickets for the 2nd Annual Keeping it Real Diabetes Conference are available for purchase on the Central State University Extension website.

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