City approves $100,000 expense for repairs


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City Council approved three ordinances to make city-wide improvements totalling up to $100,000.

Terry Adkins, public works director, presented all three resolutions to the council Monday evening. The first of which was for the Road Salt Storage Facility Project.

This project was approved for $35,000 for what Adkins called a “design build process,” which will essentially rebuild the salt storage facility the city currently uses with something more practical. The city will work with EDG to perform the renovation.

“The facility that we currently have is an aged facility, it’s a round design,” said Adkins Monday evening. According to Adkins, while the round design made sense when it was built years ago, due to equipment updates and changes it now creates problems for loading and unloading salt.

That resulted is damage that required expensive repairs. The new facility will be more resilient against loading methods. They will also surround the entire facility with fencing to prevent vandalism.

The second resolution was for repairs to a storage facility on 905 Kauffman Ave. This project requires $30,000 as there was found to be a raccoon infestation in the building’s roof.

According to Adkins, there was both interior and exterior damage that needs to be repaired, as well as a disposal of all debris and animal remains. Following the replacement of all shingles, vinyl soffits, channels, and accessories, the cost also covers painting the new facility.

The building is used to store paint machines and salt spreaders as the city switches from utilizing summer equipment to winter.

The final resolution Adkins presented is to touch up several roadway areas with new stripes. This resolution is asking for an amount up to $35,000 to repaint nine areas.

Some of the repairs are different than others, as discussed in Monday’s council meeting. Two areas require an epoxy touch up, two a thermoplastic touch up, two painting over existing thermoplastic, and three applying new thermoplastic.

First Star Safety was selected to perform the project based on giving the lowest bidding price.

According to Adkins, the city looks at all roadways each year, and the most damaged are pulled to the top as a priority for repair.

All three resolutions passed Monday evening by unanimous vote, and each project is expected to begin soon.

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