Goat show veteran wins big


XENIA — Eight years of hard work finally paid off big for one young woman at the Greene County Fair Wednesday afternoon.

Gracelyn Heider is 17 and part of the Husky Hustlers 4-H group. Now going into her senior year of high school, Heider said she has been showing goats at the fair since she was nine years old.

This year, as an added measure, Heider said she began entering into more shows around the area to get in the extra practice.

“I started showing at circus shows and different jackpot shows,” she said. “I just decided to focus more in on it this year.”

Jackpot shows are typically open shows that have a cash prize for the winner, according to Heider.

The results of all this practice speak for themselves: Heider won first prize in both the homegrown goat show and the goat show and showmanship events on Monday and Wednesday respectively.

According to Heider, this is the first year she’s won first in goat showing, much less being crowned champion twice in a row. Heider’s victory was spurred on by supportive cheers from the crowd.

One of the exercises Heider and the other contestants went through in competition was switching goats with another contestant; this is intended to show how well a showman can be in a new environment.

“There’s a good three out of 10 chance you’re going to have to switch a goat,” said Heider. “It’s not my favorite, but it is kind of fun just to have a different experience.”

The winning goat Heider showed at this fair was born in January, and she practiced with it since May.

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