Red Line Flex Route changing Aug. 1


XENIA — The Red Line Flex Route operated by Greene CATS Public Transit will implement changes on Aug. 1 to reinstate the timepoint at Sinclair Community College every run, travel first to Central State University via U.S. 42 in the morning, and start the afternoon runs 25 minutes earlier.

Currently the timepoint at Sinclair Community College is only accessed on an as-requested basis. It has worked well for students traveling from Greene County to the school since riders can ask the drivers to deviate to the college when boarding the bus. Return trips, however, have to be requested through the dispatch office. Communicating that request in time has been problematic, sometimes making riders wait much longer to catch the bus, according to Greene CATS officials.

By reinstating Sinclair Community College as a regular timepoint, riders can exit or board the bus at Building 10 at the posted time on every run.

The morning runs on the Wilberforce Loop have been revised to travel from downtown Xenia via U.S. 42 arriving at Central State University first before going to Wilberforce University.

“Reversing these two locations will allow Wilberforce University students housed on the campus of Central State University a way to get to classes in the morning,” according to a release from Greene CATS.

The order of the afternoon runs will remain as currently configured with the bus traveling via Main Street to Wilberforce University first then Central State University to allow for return trips in the afternoon.

“We are excited about the [revised] routes for Wilberforce University students,” said Dr. Parris Carter, vice president for student development at Wilberforce. “Greene CATS has demonstrated their goal of providing transportation and access to all residents of Greene County, including the college students in the area. This is a great partnership that also strengthens community relationships. Shannon Webster [mobility manager] and the Greene CATS team have been great to work with. We thank you for supporting our students.”

The afternoon runs will also start earlier at 1:35 pm to allow transfers to and from the Green Line at the end of the third run (red) at 3:35 pm when returning to Xenia on the Wilberforce loop, just in time to board the eighth run of the Green Line.

“We have been listening to our riders and keeping up on the changes happening at the institutions of higher education that we serve,” said Executive Director Ken Collier. “Specifically, a representative from Wilberforce University requested transportation for students that would be housed at Central State in the fall. That request, along with feedback from a student at Sinclair having difficulty getting a return Flex Route ride to Xenia, got the ball rolling for these revisions on the Red Line to better serve riders attending these schools.”

You can view the new Red Line Flex Route schedule and maps at

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