Greene County Fair General Rules



There will be a “no re-entry” policy during the 2023 fair. Purchasing a weekly ticket or Membership Ticket for $30 will not only save entrance fees into the fair for the week, but it also will allow you to re-enter the fair without getting your hand stamped.

Single-day tickets purchased at the gate will allow you admission to the fair only once that day. If you leave at any time and return to the fair later in the day or evening, you must purchase another single day ticket.

Sheriff’s deputies and board personnel will be patrolling the fairgrounds regarding persons trying to enter the fairgrounds without paying. Those persons will be escorted to the nearest gate and if they refuse to pay entrance fee, they will be escorted off the property by the sheriff.

No unauthorized cars, trucks, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, golf carts, 4-wheelers, ATVs, mowers, tractors, motorcycles, or any other vehicle are permitted on the fairgrounds.

No Dogs or any other animal except service dogs are allowed on the fairgrounds at any time.

In addition, no livestock animals, horses, or any other animals are allowed on the midway or campsites, or anywhere unless authorized by a fair board member.


No signs may be posted on trees or buildings.

No roving vendors or solicitors shall be permitted on fairgrounds.

No political candidate shall roam freely upon the fairgrounds distributing campaign literature or tokens but must be limited to no more than 4-feet from their rented fair booth.

Reserved parking

Any vehicle parked on the fairgrounds between during the fair must have a reserved parking permit displayed in the front window of the vehicle. These permits are available for purchase in the fair office for $40 each. Entering the fairgrounds without the proper permit is in violation of parking rules and the vehicle’s owner will be charged for towing the vehicle from the illegal parking place. If you have a reserved parking permit, make sure you are parked in the right space or you may be towed from that space at your expense.

Those persons entering the fairgrounds on Sales Nights are required to either have a reserved parking permit or park in an adjacent lot next to fairgrounds. Should you be given false information regarding parking on the fairgrounds without a permit, your vehicle will be towed at your expense.

All gates have special permits with the number of the gate on the permit. Do not try to enter a gate with the wrong permit.

Feed at the fairgrounds

All persons needing to deliver feed should enter the Omalee Street Gate only and each person in the vehicle will be required to pay $6 to get into the fairgrounds. If you leave within 15 minutes the money will be refunded to you.


All persons entering through the gates of the Greene County Fairgrounds are expected to act in a mannerly and respectful way to all persons. Any person causing disruption will be escorted off the fairgrounds by a sheriff’s deputy.

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