County crews do some snooping


XENIA — The Greene County Engineer’s Office inspected a pair of bridges Monday to make sure they are safe.

Motorists may have seen the crews using a special vehicle made just for that purpose as many bridges don’t have adequate access to structural components due to rivers, deep valleys or other reasons. For those structures, Greene County and the Ohio Department of Transportation use an Under Bridge Inspection Vehicle, or Snooper Truck. These are specialized trucks that provide quick, safe and easy access to many critical components of the structure that are otherwise inaccessible.

The county engineer is responsible for 330 bridges (a bridge is defined as 10 feet or greater in span length) on all county roads, township roads, and through routes in municipalities and annually inspects them to assure the safety of these bridges for the traveling public.

On Monday crews used the snooper truck on two Greene County Bridges: Wilberforce-Clifton Road between Brush Road Road and Charleston Mill and Lower Bellbrook over the Little Miami Between S.R. 725 and River Ridge Drive.

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