Fairborn seeing fewer criminal arrests


FAIRBORN — The City of Fairborn has seen a drastic decrease in criminal arrests, despite reported incidents remaining relatively similar.

According to the 2022 Annual Report put out by the Fairborn Police Department, criminal arrests have been trending downward since 2018. Total arrests were at 2,975 in 2018, with 2022 totaling 1,749.

2023 appears to be following this trend, with 692 total arrests in the first six months, according to an Adult Arrest Charge Summary provided by the FPD. The first six months of 2022 saw 862 criminal arrests.

Total incidents reported in the 2022 report do not follow the same clear path. Each year from 2018 to 2022, total incidents ranged anywhere from 52,110 (in 2021) to 56,863 (in 2018).

Police Chief Ben Roman said the incident reports will likely remain “pretty consistent,” regardless of total arrests. This is in part due to the categorization of incidents. Roman explained that many incidents reported may not require an arrest to be made, and when an arrest is made, it takes an officer hours of time that might otherwise be used issuing citations.

“Arrests can vary based on certain trends,” said Roman. “But the [number of] incidents are probably going to be pretty consistent.”

In fact, some incidents that do typically call for arrests to be made have been dropping since 2018. Robbery, burglary, theft, and felony citations have all been shown to drop in number in the last five years, according to the department’s annual report.

Incidents of assault share a similar downward trend from 2018-2021, but spiked from 186 to 328 just last year. According to Roman, society ramping back up after COVID could play a minor role in this jump, as well as charges connection to domestic violence.

“A lot of times, if it’s a domestic violence incident, you can be charged for domestic violence and assault,” said Roman. “For the most part we’re going to make an arrest if there’s a victim that wants to pursue charges.”

Overall, Roman believes crime has begun to fall. While COVID could play a minor role in officer’s making fewer criminal arrests, he said that “crime has not ramped back up,” and he hopes it won’t any time soon.

“Society is still recovering,” said Roman. “I think this means we’re doing a good job.”

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