Glen Helen Association announces final phase of campaign


FAIRBORN — The Glen Helen Association has just announced the last phase of its Campaign to Secure the Future of Glen Helen, a $4.25 million campaign launched in 2020.

The capital campaign was launched in order to purchase Glen Helen from Antioch College, and in the process open it up to the public, restart educational programs and address urgent needs in areas of public safety and ecological health.

The campaign has raised $4.17 million so fair through nearly 700 donations, which has allowed the Glen Helen Association to purchase the preserve and demolish the old Antioch College Power Plant, rebuilding the natural habitat.

Prior to its purchase, the preserve was closed in spring of 2020 and it’s future was uncertain. Without the Glen Helen Association and the funds raised to protect the preserve, the park would likely still be closed to the public.

Now, not only is the park open, but Glen Helen’s Outdoor Education Center has since reopened and a team of five is working to educate and inspire visitors. The Raptor Center now also has a renovated classroom and regular hours for visitors.

The Glen Helen Association has also been working to improve accessibility to the park for all people. Some improvements planned include improved parking, trails and signage. Bridges and boardwalks have already been updated including a new-and-improved Birch Creek span.

“The bridge atop the Birch Creek Cascades is one of Ohio’s marque scenic vistas,” said Glen Helen Association Executive Director Nick Boutis. “We’re looking forward to updating that view for the next generations of Glen Helen visitors.”

Naming is still underway for some aspects of the preserve, and the Glen Helen Association is recognizing donors with inscribed boardwalk planks above the Yellow Springs Creek Dam. Recognition is available to all campaign contributors with a donation of $1,000 or more.

Contact Ethan Charles at 937-502-4532.

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