Jehova’s Witness convention in town


FAIRBORN — The Jehovah’s Witness Convention has returned to the Nutter Center after a three-year hiatus.

The convention, occurring each weekend from Friday to Sunday, began June 23. The regional convention has the theme, “Exercise Patience.”

The convention occurs annually, but due to COVID-19 all in-person conventions such as this one had been canceled since 2020. This marks the first big return of the Jehovah’s Witness conventions and is one of many taking place worldwide.

The Nutter Center will be occupied each weekend until July 9, the last day of the convention. Activities consist of a live baptism, prerecorded drama performance, and many lectures going over key aspects of patience as outlined in their religion.

The convention is completely free for anyone and organizers do not take tithes. According to its website, they instead rely on anonymous donors to fund any outstanding expenses.

The group has hosted small public ministry practices in 2022, as government regulations and safety concerns would allow, but this year will be by far the biggest since the hiatus began. The Jehovah’s Witnesses now hope to bring back the tradition of huge crowds of individuals that share in this religion on a much larger scale than before.

“Our virtual conventions reached millions around the world and helped keep our communities safe,” said Justin Glaza, spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “But nothing can replace the joyful atmosphere at a large, in-person gathering. We are so happy to be meeting together once again.”

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