Fairborn courts awarded $3,000


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn Municipal Court was awarded more than $3,000 by the Ohio Supreme Court for technology resources.

According to Melissa Litteral, clerk of Fairborn Municipal Court, the application was originally filed back in March, as the courts hoped to implement laptops and iPads for clients to review details and request assistance. The entirety of what was asked for in March has been granted.

The letter of confirmation was received back in May, but the money has just recently been obtained by the courts. According to Litteral, it should only be a couple of weeks before purchases are made, and she hopes to have all of the equipment in use by late July.

“We’re just grateful the chief justice continues to provide these technology grants to the courts,” said Litteral. “It’s beneficial for the citizens, it saves the city.”

The laptops bought with this grant can be used by non-English speakers and deaf individuals as a method to communicate and request the proper translator.

“When individuals need assistance, by having this we’ll have a link they can actually work with,” said Litteral, which is key in providing fair and efficient assistance to those who need it.

The Ohio Supreme Court gives out this and similar technology grants annually, typically reaching into the millions of dollars altogether, with 2022 reaching more than $3 million.

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