Fairborn names interim chief of police


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn Police Department has officially named Ben Roman as the interim Chief of Police as officials continue to search for a permanent replacement.

Terry Bennington began his retirement Friday, April 21 following an announcement late last month.

“I think the department is in a very good spot right now,” said Bennington following his announcement, complementing the character and work ethic of the staff he supervised.

Roman has served for 19 years in the Fairborn police force, beginning as a patrol officer and working his way up to captain just a few years ago. He has now applied for the full-time position and awaits an official announcement as he serves in the interim position.

“I recognize the importance of the chief of police position.” said Roman. “I’m really excited for the opportunity.”

The chief of police typically oversees three captains under normal circumstances, but since stepping into the interim position from the captain position, Roman currently only oversees two others.

According to Roman, the department is still in a very good position, and while there may be room for administrative change down the line, his focus as interim chief is mostly to “continue to provide good service” to the people of Fairborn.

“I’m dedicated to making sure the organization still runs smoothly,” he said adding that listening to the community and maintaining work concerns while the department finds a permanent replacement are important.

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