Severe storm a near miss


FAIRBORN — The city of Fairborn was hit hard Monday by a hailstorm and severe weather conditions. What this could mean for the rest of the year is unclear.

Alerts across Greene County went off as Monday’s storm started rolling in. In some areas, residents were instructed to shelter in place until further notice. For most of Greene County, the storm went quick enough that it did not do any serious damage, but in a recent report, hail two inches in diameter hit Fairborn as the storm moved to Clark County, where most of the damage occurred.

“We got through the storms without much damage,” said Sheriff Scott Anger. “We were very fortunate.”

According to Anger, while there were some power outages across Greene County, these numbers were very low compared to the surrounding areas hit by the storm. Anger also noted that there were no serious weather-related damages reported from Monday’s storm.

According to WDTN meteorologist Jamie Jarosik, the window for severe weather lasted from around noon to 6 p.m.

Jarosik said the hail reached “about the size of an egg” in size. While there have not been any incidents of serious damage or injury in the city, hail at this size can certainly be dangerous for residents not sheltering in place.

Clark County is believed to have suffered the worst in the storm, with at least three major sites of damage. Both Clark and Butler counties have confirmed tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

While there was no direct cause of such extreme weather, according to Jarosik, Greene County was fortunate it cleared up when it did. The rain stopped early enough that there was still daylight left, which built warmth and altered the wind, dispersing the storm before it could cause any more serious damage.

As for what this storm means for the future, it’s difficult to say.

“It’s hard to tell a long-range forecast,” said Jarosik. Apart from temperature generalities, Jarosik said there are no specific weather predictions she can make regarding the rest of the year.

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