We The Kingdom to rock Nutter Center


FAIRBORN — The two-time Grammy-nominated Christian rock band We The Kingdom will be performing at the Wright State University Nutter Center Tuesday, May 10. The band, made up mostly of family members across multiple generations, will be supported by fellow faith-based rockers Casting Crowns and Hillsong Worship.

This will be the first time that We The Kingdom will be playing the Fairborn area, after having recently wrapped its nationwide tour that included numerous sell-out performances.

Known for visually-engaging live shows and genre-bending sound that combines pop, country, folk, and rock elements, We The Kingdom has earned praise from the likes of “Billboard” and “American Songwriter.” Since its launch in 2018, the band has also racked up more than 265 million streams for their videos and songs online, gaining more than a half-million social media followers along the way.

The group is comprised of brothers Ed and Scott Cash, as well as Ed’s children Franni Rae Cash Cain and Martin Cash. Close family friend Andrew Bergthold caps off the five-part ensemble.

“We’re all real spread out, age-wise,” said lead guitarist and singer Scott Cash, 39. “My brother Ed who sings and plays guitar is 50. His daughter, our frontwoman Franni, is 24. Martin plays drums and is 22. Andrew’s 32, and plays keys and guitar.”

According to Cash, because of their four decades of musical influence between them all, “our sound is pretty eclectic. My brother loves Stevie Wonder and 70s R&B. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so I really like Jimmy Eat World, Counting Crows, and Coldplay as well as classic rock like Fleetwood Mac. Andrew loves like modern pop music. Franie loves Kacey Musgraves and country music. Martin, even though he’s the youngest in the band is probably the oldest soul. So, he loves everything.”

“Really, it’s this mix that hits all the genres while having an anchor that is truly our own thing,” he added.

Though currently based out of Nashville, the group members originally hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. Cash explained that he had started a different band while he was a student at the University of North Carolina. When his fellow members bowed out of playing a gig some time later, Cash hired the lineup of what would be We The Kingdom.

“We played our first song together, and it was like magic,” said Cash. “We knew we had something really special and decided to move forward with it. Andrew had already been trying to get another group going with the name We The Kingdom, but it never worked out. We all loved the name, so we went with that and the group was officially born. That was about four years ago. We’re been in the bus touring around playing together ever since.”

Cash elaborated that the reason the group so embraced the name was that they all feel that “whether we’re in a room playing to 10 people or 10,000, it’s about everybody in that room being together. We hate the idea that there’s this stage that elevates us and puts us up front. We really want everyone to feel like it’s a really beautiful family experience. That’s the origin of what we do and who we are as We The Kingdom.”

Submitted photo We The Kingdom will play at the Nutter Center May 10.
https://www.fairborndailyherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2022/04/web1_Image-4.jpegSubmitted photo We The Kingdom will play at the Nutter Center May 10.

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