Greene County developing softball talent


XENIA — Chants and cheers will provide the soundtrack on the softball diamond once again as the season gets set to begin on Saturday.

So many teams have strong potential for improvement this season, whether its from returning experience for some or a return to the field period for others as Cedarville will compete once again.

Here is a breakdown for all nine area schools:

(Statistics from 2020-21)

Beavercreek Beavers

2020-21: 25-5, 9-4 GWOC (2nd), District Champions, lost to Lakota West 5-3 in regional final

Coach: Megan Barrett

Players to watch: Haley Ferguson, So. (176IP, 23-4 W-L, 1SV, 7SHO, 281K, 0.96ERA, 0.619WHIP, .435AVG/.495OBP, 8R, 6HR, 35RBI, .981FLD%); Caitlynn Newlen, Sr. (.343/.343, 25R, 2HR, 21RBI, 1SB); Shelby Metzger, Sr. (.446/.500, 32R, 1HR, 12RBI, 4SB); Molly Koesters, Sr. (.303/.367, 6R, 5HR, 14RBI, .972FLD%); Kate Schell, So. (.305/.348, 18R, 6RBI, 3SB, .938FLD%); Ashley Norris, Sr. (.257/.368, 16R, 6RBI, 7SB)

Outlook: A new field will bring more excitement to what should be an excellent team. Ferguson will be a player to watch throughout the spring.

Bellbrook Golden Eagles

2020-21: 10-7, 6-6 SWBL Southwestern (4th), lost to Sidney 7-4 in sectional tournament

Coach: Heather Hebrank

Players to watch: Katie Smith, Sr. (.410AVG/.425OBP, 7R, 1HR, 13RBI, 2SB); Paige Buckle, Sr. (.426/.460, 15R, 8RBI, 2SB); Allie Hess, Jr. (.327/.351, 12R, 14RBI, 5SB); Sydney Burchfield, So. (.261/.292, 12R, 8RBI, 1SB); Mallory Horvath, So. (.302/.348, 13, 7RBI, 4SB); Reagan O’Brien, So. (.250/.88, 17R, 2HR, 10RBI, 4SB)

Outlook: How much can an offense carry the early load will be interesting. The Golden Eagles return zero ininngs in the pitching circle.

Carroll Patriots

2020-21: 6-20, 5-9 GCL (5th), lost to Northwestern 13-1 in sectional tournament

Coach: Cassandra Shea

Players to watch: Sienna Barnes, Sr. (71IP, 3-8 W-L, 1SV, 46K, 6.51ERA, .283AVG/.394OBP, 10R, 11RBI, 5SB, .932FLD%); Grace Randall, Sr. (.354/.494, 24R, 12RBI, 10SB); Cecelia Sharp, Jr. (.211/.286, 4R, 5RBI); Skylar Crumbaugh, So. (.094/.194, 2R, 2RBI, 1SB); Shaina Beam, So. (.320/.469, 8R, 1HR, 8RBI, 6SB, 1.000FLD%); Julia Jordan, Jr. (.179/.303, 3R)

Outlook: Lots of areas to improve from last year, but the Patriots bring back two all-league performers to provide a boost to what could be a good group of core players.

Cedarville Indians

2020-21: Did not play

Coach: Matt Caraway

Outlook: A fresh slate for the Indians this season as it returns to the diamond. New coach and new players could provide an advantage in the unknown.

Fairborn Skyhawks

2020-21: 8-16, 5-12 MVL Valley (2nd), lost to Piqua 18-8 in sectional tournament

Coach: Tim Duncan

Players to watch: Hailey Webb, So. (113IP, 6-12 W-L, 1SV, 1SHO, 125K, 3.71ERA, 1.611WHIP, .288AVG/.338OBP, 17R, 3HR, 14RBI, 10SB); Taylor Shephard, So. (.500/.506, 25R, 6HR, 33RBI, 2SB, 1.000FLD%); Bailee Walters, Jr. (.493/.531, 26R, 6HR, 23RBI, 5SB, .941FLD%); Mallorie Ferguson, Jr. (.367/.424, 17R, 3HR, 10RBI 1SB, .975FLD%); Kyleigh Cook, So. (.324/.372, 22R, 2HR, 10RBI, 4SB); Kaelyn Offill, So. (.269/.310, 13R, 1HR, 12RBI, 1SB)

Outlook: Solid returning numbers brings the potential for a big season. The Skyhawks had one of the best pitching groups in the league last year and return the majority of the arms.

Greeneview Rams

2020-21: 9-13, 5-9 OHC South (3rd), lost to Indian Lake 9-8 (8inn.) in sectional tournament

Coach: Chris Reno

Players to watch: Sadie Trisel, Jr. (.479AVG/.545OBP, 21R, 30RBI, 12SB, .969FLD%); Ellie Harlow, Sr. (21.2IP, 1-2 W-L, 1SV, 10K, 10.02ERA, .227/.275, 9R, 10RBI, 5SB); Makenna Reno, Sr. (.554/.602, 36R, 1HR, 15RBI, 21SB); Harley Clonch, Sr. (.266/.326, 13R, 15RBI, 9SB); Kennedy Dean, So. (.224/.280, 13R, 12RBI, 10SB); Karlie Harlow, Jr. (.210/.290, 11R, 15RBI, 7SB)

Outlook: Will boast some of the best returning hitters in the league. Finding suitable pitchers to compliment its defense is a question mark.

Legacy Christian Knights

2020-21: 4-4, 2-2 MBC (2nd), did not participate in postseason

Coach: Sharon Gay

Players to watch: Natalie Strickle, So. (28IP, 4-1 W-L, 26K, 13.25ERA, .250AVG/.500OBP, 12R, 2RBI, 4SB); Hannah Lacure, Jr. (.500/.654, 15R, 9RBI, 10SB); Franny Park, Sr. (.474/.630, 7R, 12RBI, 1SB); Kaitlyn Crawford, Sr. (.438/.719, 7R, 6RBI, 5SB); Olivia Augustine, So. (.368/.571, 11R, 4RBI, 11SB); Concetta Augustine, So. (.429/.556, 11R, 6RBI, 8SB)

Outlook: Gaining experience is still a priority for a young group. The schedule has been expanded to provide more opportunities.

Xenia Buccaneers

2020-21: 9-16, 4-13 MVL Valley (3rd), lost to Miamisburg 19-0 in sectional tournament

Coach: John Miner

Players to watch: Kynnydy Lewis, Jr. (119.1IP, 8-11 W-L, 66K, 7.51ERA, .449AVG/.493OBP, 9R, 3HR, 17RBI, 4SB); Tori McPherson, Jr. (.500/.558, 24R, 2HR, 23RBI, 13SB); Makyna Carr, Sr. (20IP, 0-2 W-L, 1SV, 16K, 16.80 ERA, .386/.446, 25R, 3HR, 13RBI, 7SB), Megan Bradley, Jr. (.371/.463, 29R, 5RBI, 17SB, .925FLD%); Dakota Wagoner, So. (.358/.419, 5R, 1HR, 15RBI, 3SB, .982FLD%); Gracee Cassidy, Jr. (.297/.444, 13R, 10RBI, 10SB, .936FLD%)

Outlook: Good balance between hitting and pitching means the Bucs should be competitive in many games. League race is open for a team to step up.

Yellow Springs Bulldogs

2020-21: 3-12, 2-1 MBC (1st), lost to Botkins 20-10 in sectional tournament

Coach: Jim DeLong

Players to watch: Violet Babb, So. (18.2IP, 0-2 W-L, 7K, 10.88ERA, .472AVG/.537OBP, 15R, 1HR, 14RBI, 1SB); Halee Sparks, Jr. (11.1IP, 1-2 W-L, 6K, 13.59ERA, .480/.639, 13R, 15RBI, 15SB); Sophia Lawson, Sr. (.515/.636, 19R, 1HR, 9RBI, 24SB); Carina Basora, Sr. (.556/.613, 9R, 15RBI, 11SB); Joslyn Herring, So. (.452/.595, 18R, 9RBI, 12SB); Lily Rainey, Sr. (.306/.375, 12R, 9RBI, 11SB)

Outlook: Pitching has the highest room for improvement. The Bulldogs only allowed single digit runs in one game last season.
Season set to begin on Saturday

By Steven Wright

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