It is completed


“When He had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” (John 19:30)

The word is “teleo.” It means in the original Greek language, in which the New Testament was written, “to bring to a close, to finish, to end.” Most Bible translations render it “It is finished.” Another word we hear is “Tetelestai” which means “the work is complete.” It is said that “in New Testament times, when an employee had completed a days’ work or finished a project, he would tell his boss ‘tetelestai.’ This was to signal that whatever it was that he was assigned to do was now complete.” And so it was with Jesus, as He spoke this word from the Cross. The task of saving humankind was complete.

The reality of this completeness is important for us. Complete in what way? The meaning is clearly that there is no other way for humankind to be saved – brought into an eternal relationship with God. The act of saving has been completed in Jesus’ death on the Cross and nothing else is required. No other religion or philosophy can add to what Jesus has completed on the Cross. It is over. God has saved those who confess Jesus as the Completer of salvation. We need look no further.

Heavenly Father, You have taken the worry out of our physical death by completing our salvation through Jesus. Thank You for giving us faith and trust in Him. We need not listen to the world’s opinions on the subject. We have Jesus.

In His name. Amen.

Pastor Robert Forsberg

Pastor Robert Forsberg is retired from Light of Christ Lutheran Church in Fairborn.

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