The Hollow Ground Series: Art by Greg Alan Jankowski


YELLOW SPRINGS — Local painter, photographer and graphic artist Greg Alan Jankowski will fill the virtual gallery of the Yellow Springs Art Council with his color-cloaked original images next month. The virtual show runs from April 1 to April 30, with a virtual reception at 7 p.m. April 16 at.

Jankowski, a Dayton native, has been a practicing artist since the age of 10, when he landed his first job painting a barber’s sign. Jankowski inherited an excitement about life, artistic creativity, inquisitive nature and left-handedness from his father. He credits his parents’ loving upbringing and encouragement for giving him the foundation to explore life’s adventures, as he has been a part of rock and roll bands, the United States Air Force, advertising jobs in Chicago, and has worked as a fitness trainer, inventor, author and balance educator.

Family brought him back to Dayton in July 2019, just before the Oregon District shooting. That event inspired his painting created with red and blue colors, “Proper Mourning.”

Jankowski said in the gallery announcement that the message he likes to bring to his art is both complimentary and counter to the idea of joyfully participating in the sorrows of the world.

“Look and ye shall find joy. And if you can’t find enough, create some. That is what I try to do with every piece of art no matter how light or heavy the subject matter,” he said. “Find joy, discover individual truths and share with your fellow man.”

Jankowski’s work highlights his love of line, color, typography and composition. He uses the written word to grab the viewer’s attention, so he can engage them with feelings of wonder, encouragement, and the potential of what it means to truly be alive, as illustrated by his work, “Owl Debate.” Though his life’s adventures led to some pauses in his painting career, he is now fully immersed in the painting world and as long as he can hold a brush, will continue to pride himself on being able to enjoy the ride.

Since the physical gallery is closed, Jankowski’s works will be presented on the Yellow Springs Arts Council website in slideshow format. At the reception, he will lead us on a virtual stroll through the gallery while providing more detail and context for his work, and will end with a Q&A session.

The show can be viewed at

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