Man charged in Hampton Inn murder


XENIA — A Greene County grand jury indicted a man Nov. 27 for the murder of Hampton Inn clerk Andrew Day.

Tavion A. Garrett, 26, is charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter, two counts of aggravated robbery and kidnapping, court records show.

According to Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller, the state alleges that along with Michael D. McLendon, 26, the defendant committed an armed robbery that resulted in the death of Day. The crime took place at the Hampton Inn in Fairborn on March 7, 2018.

Garrett is currently incarcerated at the Southern Ohio Correction Facility where he is serving a sentence for a Montgomery County robbery and a Richland County weapons charge.

Judge Stephen A. Wolaver is assigned to the case in Greene County Common Pleas Court.

At least two others were allegedly involved in the crime. Court records indicate Disean K. Graham, 22, of Dayton, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and aggravated robbery. Morgan W. Klink, 27, of Dayton, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery with firearm specifications, then motioned to withdraw the guilty plea.

First indicted was McLendon, of Dayton. He pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, felonious assault, firearms specifications and repeat violent offender specifications. The charges make him eligible for the death penalty. McLendon was found incompetent to stand trial and ordered to undergo competency restoration treatment.

By Anna Bolton

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