Commander’s outreach to students, community shatters stereotypes


XENIA — In today’s society, mentions of the police typically conjures up some pretty negative thoughts and images on the law enforcement due to negative press — which is precisely some of the images Greene County Career Center’s peace officer basic training commander Michael Hild Sr. wants to change and contribute to the students and community.

Starting this month, with already about 70 to 80 students in the program, Hild will be teaching various topics of law enforcement and police training while creating a positive narrative in the community.

“The program started in 2004,” said Hild, who has led the program since 2007. “I help all kinds of students in the program from all backgrounds. If they want to learn and have a passion, I am willing to teach them.”

With a success rate of more than 90 percent passing the Ohio Police Officers Training Academy certification and 98 percent finding employment after training, Hild has continued to maintain a great reputation for the academy, helping many students get employed all over Ohio and different agencies in the region.

“There are approximately over 100 topics I teach the students such as properly shooting a weapon, understanding the law, safety techniques, active shooter training, and traffic training,” said Hild. “These various pieces of training help prepare the students for the workforce.”

With all the success from the program, some may still be apprehensive about joining due to some negative media coverage of the law enforcement and police. Hild doesn’t believe it has affected the program at the Greene County Career Center.

“I think the media does affect some programs and I’ve seen it hurt most, but I think we’ve done quite a good job of maintaining our integrity. We have a solid reputation,” he said.

Hild strives to create a positive impact on the community and law enforcement. The next peace officer basic training academy begins in December.

Photo courtesy GCCC Commander Mike Hild Sr. speaks with cadet, Miranda Marshall. courtesy GCCC Commander Mike Hild Sr. speaks with cadet, Miranda Marshall.

By Terrionna Bryan

Terrionna Bryan is an intern from Central State University working at the Greene County Career Center this semester.

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