The good ole typewriter days


I was sitting in my office cranking out another Senior Moments column on my computer when I got to thinking about my old manual typewriter.

Writing was much more difficult back then even if I didn’t realize it at the time.

One thing that sometimes made it a monstrous chore was my old manual typewriter.

It was a large machine, all right.

It was roughly the same size as a 1952 Buick.

A sedan.

My uncle gave me my old typewriter when I was a very young guy.

I thanked him many times but, doggone it all, I never did learn how to use the darned thing.

The typewriter had a way of misspelling words.

It was also was darned good when it skipped spaces and when it capaitalized letters that had no business being capitalized.

I don’t use that old typewriter any more.

But I still have it and it is gathering dust and gosh-knows-what else in the far corner of one of the closets at my house.

Sometimes I get the urge to haul out that old typewriter.
Senior Moments

By Bob Batz

Bob Batz is a retired long-time journalist and weekly columnist. Contact Bob at [email protected].

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