Officer resigns after an individual is assaulted


Herald News Report

FAIRBORN — Off-duty Fairborn Police Officer John Adam Minehart was allegedly involved in an altercation approximetly 4:05 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, in which an individual was assaulted.

The 911 caller said the officer was attempting to break into their residence on the 1800 block of Montgomery Ave. and that the officer had assaulted him. The caller asked the officer to leave, saying “If you go now, I will let it be.”

The 911 call said Minehart had left saying, “He’s gone, if that’s okay, I wanted him to leave.”

“He’s gone off my property now … It’s okay, you don’t need to send them (officers) now,” the 911 caller said.

The dispatcher responded by informing the caller that officers were already on their way and that they would be at the residence soon to question the events.

The incident was being investigated, as it was turned over to the internal affairs division of the department. However, Minehart resigned his position approximately 12:45 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15 with the Fairborn Police Department. The criminal investigation is being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office and the internal investigation is now closed.

Herald News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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