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CEDARVILLE & YELLOW SPRINGS — Residents in eastern Greene County will have excellent new options for comprehensive health care as two Rural Health Clinics now team up with Greene Memorial Hospital.

Community Physicians of Yellow Springs and Cedarville Family Practice are now affiliated with Kettering Health Network’s Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia. This partnership with the network will further the hospital’s mission to offer healthcare resources to outlying communities.

“We felt that it would be an important asset to serve the most northern and eastern parts of our county with a comprehensive health care approach. The process took almost 18 months, but it has been our goal since 2012 to put these services into place,” said Greene’s Director of Clinical Services Mark Floro.

Floro explained that by adding the Medicare designation of Rural Health Clinic to these practices it would allow the hospital to provide more cost-effective care.

“The designation of Rural Health Clinic will allow us to not only provide family and primary care, but the opportunity to bring specialists into these clinics as well and expand the hours of services with a nurse practitioner on staff,” he added.

Some of those services could include cardiovascular, pediatric, OB-GYN, and much more. Specialists would rotate through the locations to help patients manage their care better. The types of specialization would depend on assessing the needs arising from a particular area. “We anticipate offering cardiac and OB-GYN care in 2016 in both Cedarville and Yellow Springs,” Floro said.

Director Floro emphasized, “We are committed to providing the services to our community that they need the most. No matter the type of care, we want to be the compass in the community, helping patients navigate their best healthcare choices.”
Both now have rural health clinic status

Story courtesy of The Greene Medical Foundation – Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center hospital within Kettering Health Network.

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