Small town with determined representatives


CLIFTON — The small village of Clifton may have much to offer its visitors, however this election the town is struggling to fill its public offices.

Alex Bieri is currently the village’s mayor and is the uncontested candidate for mayor. Paula Lazorski is the only candidate running for village council and there are four open seats. Both candidates said they are happy to be on the ballot.

The current council members are Paula Lazorski, Roger Beehler, Linda Graham, Ken Hensley, Anthony Satariano Jr. and Robbie Tate.

Mayor Bieri enjoys working with the community and being a part of the special events happening throughout town.

Clifton Village is a small town with its own natural beauty of Clifton Gorge. It is also a special spot where you can enjoy the several trails or the opera house.

Bieri explained that the council member’s terms do not run on the same schedule, some members are still completing their term. This means that there might not be any vacant seats. If there is a vacant seat the council will still be able to function. After the election, interested members of the community could potentially be appointed.

Council Member Paula Lazorski enjoys being an active part in the community and seeing change happen.

Both are looking forward to continuing revitalization in residential zones and public buildings. Clifton is a small town where every penny matters and strong leadership is key.

“Everything is volunteer, so the dedication of members is important,” they both said.

The mayor said, “I am a believer in representation and I think we need representatives.” He is ready to represent the voting block of Clifton.

By Natalie Jones

For Greene County News

Natalie Jones is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

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