Guns: Stopping that one person


Would making guns illegal in America eliminate our American mass murder horror?

Has making marijuana illegal for most of the country eliminated the use of pot? Has making cocaine and heroin illegal eliminated the use of these drugs in our country?

Prostitution is illegal in most of America. Is there prostitution in America? If we made cigarettes and alcohol illegal would this eliminate their usage in America? Murder is illegal in America but it happens about forty times a day in our country. Stealing is illegal but how much shoplifting goes on in Wal-Mart every single day? Making anything illegal does not stop the activity. By the way, over 1,700 people were killed with knives in 2010.

If we made guns in America illegal, would Mexico suddenly have a new tremendous source of revenue? They disperse drugs throughout America and people buy them and use them. Can you imagine if we tried to make casino gambling in this country illegal? Some of the senior adults in this country would throw a fit. I live about 14 miles from a very big and active casino and the senior citizen buses coming and going are quite amazing.

I have spent maybe $20 in my lifetime playing the one arm bandit. It doesn’t do a lot for me. I’ve heard horror stories of people losing everything in casinos. Yet, while I don’t feel gambling is the best use of my time, what business is it of mine if others want to throw their money away? Except it becomes my business when those same people have to fall back on welfare or society to take care of them.

It’s none of my business if people want to own guns. It’s my business if they want to walk into a school or my house armed and intent to kill.

I am a Second Amendment guy. I own some guns. I never want to point one at somebody unless my family, innocent people or I are in danger.

Some gun control would not hurt our nation. We monitor a lot of things in this country and a few checks and balances on guns would not end the world.

For example, we could live with a two week or even a 30-day waiting period on buying a firearm. Everyone should fill out paperwork when buying a gun. Showing a government issued ID and allowing time for a proper background check would not hurt anybody. We further need a gun sponsor program in this country. People under 25 years old should have an approved adult to sign on as their accountability big buddy until they have reached 25. Adults with criminal records don’t qualify as a sponsor. And yet, this still will not solve the mass murder problem.

More security and more people carrying guns will not totally stop murder and violence. However, it’s time for all schools to employ more security guards and utilize metal detectors. College presidents who are making over a half-million dollars and Professors who are making over $120,000 can take a small cut so our schools can hire security.

The biggest problem we have in America is an evil problem. Only the darkest of minds and hearts can so randomly execute the lives of innocent people. If we ever needed a revival of kindness, love and new hearts it’s today. Yet, for the most part I believe America is filled with good people and good hearts who would never harm anyone. It only takes that one person to bring about so much pain and loss of life. We all need to work together to stop that one insane person wherever that person appears.

By Glenn Mollette

Glenn Mollette is an American syndicated columnist and author. He is the author of 11 books. Like his Facebook page at

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