Rezone opposers collect signatures


For Greene County News

FAIRBORN – Some Fairborn residents are hoping to stop CEMEX from expanding its operations, after city council approved a rezoning last month from “agricultural” to “mining” in relation to the property where the plant/operation is located.

Residents have expressed concerned about possible environmental impacts to the area, and are responding to the rezone by collecting signatures in hopes of getting the measure on the ballot to let voters decide.

“I believe zoning laws were put in place for the safety and welfare of the public,” Fairborn Resident Pete Waltz said. “I represent the public and I don’t want the zoning to change.”

If they cannot get the measure on the ballot, opponents say they will see what legal recourse is available.

In a statement released to WDTN, CEMEX said: “CEMEX is a proud to be a part of the Fairborn community since 1924. We have 125 local employees and are looking forward to continuing to build the future of Fairborn and the greater Ohio region.”

Story courtesy of our partners at WDTN.

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