Checking up on congress


Many of our Congressmen tell the public one thing when running for election, then go to Washington DC and vote for special interest.

Very few are statesmen who vote for options that are best for our nation and abide with the Constitution. They will continue that as long as the public ignores their voting records. The following column is submitted in an attempt to get your readers to perform their public duty.

Readers the following e-mail was sent to my three congressmen:

Please take a look at your voting record as shown on an online version of the Freedom Index at:

The Freedom Index is based on the US Constitution and has cumulative voting scores for all 100 senators and 435 representatives listed by state for the years 1999-2015.

Click on your name in the online Freedom Index. That takes you to a page with your photo, your average Freedom Index score for each Congress in which you served, and vote descriptions for each vote cast. There is also a link for each vote description to a page showing how members of the House and Senate voted on each roll call vote.

The online Freedom Index includes the first report on the 114th Congress (printed in The New American magazine for July 20) with 10 votes scored for the House and ten for the Senate. These are the first 10 votes viewed when clicking your name and scrolling down.

Your cumulative score was near or well below 50. Please send me your rationale for voting against the Constitution — which you swore to “protect and defend” — especially on the votes for 2015.

Readers should go to the web site specified at the top and examine the voting records of their Congressmen. If you approve of their record, go back to sleep. No one will bother you until they come with the shackles and chains.

If you find their record objectionable or unacceptable, contact them and state your objections. You may write your own e-mail, or copy mine.

To receive a copy, contact me at [email protected]. You may also write letters. The most effective communication, however, is a telephone call: Sherrod Brown 202-224-2315, Rob Portman 202-224- 3353 and Michael Turner at 202-225-6465. Yours for God and country.

By Al Kuchinka

Al Kuchinka is an area resident and guest columnist.

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