Splashing color across Greene County


BEAVERCREEK – Paint Nite is hosting pop-up events throughout Beavercreek and the Greene County area to allow creativity to flow through the fingertips to a brush and onto a white canvas to create something unimaginable. The most uncreative person leaves being an artist at every painting party. Join friends, groups, parties or loved ones every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at Mimi’s Café at The Greene for a night of fun.

“People love that they’re able to unleash their creative side at Paint Nite. Many attendees haven’t picked up a paint brush in years, and are amazed at what they can create. I think everyone has the ability to be creative and that’s why Paint Nite is a wonderful experience,” said Dayton area Paint Nite owner, Elyse Small. “I get such a thrill every time I hear, ‘I didn’t think I could do this!’ We try to make events fun. It’s a painting party, not an art class.”

Paint and drink creatively with nothing but a white canvas, paint brushes, paint and an apron. An artist/instructor guides the group through each layer of acrylic paint to the next. Participants learn the art of blending colors, shading, outlining and the difference each brush strokes makes to the picture created. Each party session lasts about two hours.

“Social painting is a widely popular social experience that pairs artistic painting with drinking, eating and socializing, for a not-so-typical night out,” Small said. “Paint Nite, which differentiates itself by holding these events in local bars and restaurants, is the clear leader of the pack and is now in Dayton.”

Paint Nite was founded in Boston by Sean McGrail and Dan Hermann in 2012 after attending a party where they painted and drank wine. They collaborated and wrote their business plan on a bar napkin. Three months later, their scribbled plan became a reality in a Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

“This area has many talented artists and an amazing bar scene, the ideal combination for great Paint Nite events,” Hermann said.

Paint Nite is active in 1,200 cities and towns and in five countries (United States, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and England). Paint Nite hosts over 4,000 events each month with an array of painting choices. Its employees entertain over 150,000 painting participants. The painting ideas are created by Paint Nite artists and are entered into a database for party participants to choose from when having a private party.

“The bars and restaurants we work with have been so welcoming. Ultimately, Paint Nite is in a partnership with them. The more successful we are in selling tickets, the more profitable our events are for them,” Small said. “Food and drinks are not included in the Paint Nite ticket price, so the bar/restaurant profits from that. Many of our events are held on slower nights (Monday or Tuesday), so we bring added business to the establishment.”

Paint Nite is introducing something new to the canvas experience – glassware events. These will include painting wine glasses, beer glasses/mugs, champagne glasses and more. Check the monthly calendar for dates and times.

Seats are limited so register at www.PaintNite.com. Painters can obtain a coupon by using the coupon code, Shannon17. Visit Paint Nite on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/PaintNite for the latest design, monthly calendar and more.

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