Major League Baseball All-Star Game Lineups Announced


CINCINNATI — Here’s the American and National League baseball All-Star lineups and batting order for Tuesday’s game. The lineups were announced by AL manager Ned Yost and NL manager Bruce Bochy earlier today.

The 86th All-Star Game will be televised nationally by Fox Sports.


1. Andrew McCutcheon, Pittsburgh Pirates, CF

2. Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds, 3B

3. Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, RF

4. Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks, 1B

5. Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants, C

6. Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs, DH

7. Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis Cardinals, SS

8. Joc Pederson, Los Angeles Dodgers, LF

9. D.J. LeMahieu, Colorado Rockies, 2B

Starting Pitcher — Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers


1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, CF

2. Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays, 3B

3. Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels, 1B

4. Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners, DH

5. Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals, RF

6. Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles, LF

7. Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals, C

8. Jose Altuve, Houston Astros, 2B

9. Alcides Escobar, Kansas City Royals, SS

Starting Pitcher — Dallas Kerchel, Houston Astros

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