Fairborn Connection: State Farm agent Jeff Roberts


Submitted photo Pictured are Bobbi Bucklew (left), Jeff Roberts (center) and Nic Arnette.

Editor’s note: This is one of a series of stories about the local businesses in the City of Fairborn, putting a face to the names of those that have been part of the community for many years – some of those well-kept secrets.

FAIRBORN – State Farm Insurance had a Fairborn agent who was involved with the community and charities for 50 years. But when a long-time agent retires what happens? A new agent comes to town.

Jeff Roberts took over Chuck Perry’s agency three years ago and along with front-desk employee Bobbi Bucklew, and part-time employee Nic Arnette, has continued to serve clients the right way.

He wanted to be a part of State Farm because of family and commitment to the customers. Roberts said he became an insurance agent because he wanted to give back to others, and this job helps him to make a difference in people’s lives.

When Roberts took over from Perry, he had the option to stay in Fairborn or move to another city. He switched locations from Broad Street to Kauffman Avenue, just one mile away, where he felt the parking situation and office space was bigger. It’s easier for clients to get in and out of his office as they can pull right up to his door for easy access. He could have moved somewhere else, but with Fairborn being so connected to his clients, he decided that it would be a great place to continue his business.

He is interested in what is happening to the Kauffman shopping area. Now that he is set up and likes his location, he would like other businesses to move in. Roberts feels like this would help the area to thrive and make it a nice place for people to want to live.

He said Fairborn is staying close to its core, but to get back on track it needs an influx of new businesses and to support of old ones still here. He said he would keep State Farm in Fairborn forever because he loves the town and its people.

How often people should come in and get their policy reviewed depends on what they have with an insurance agency. If it’s standard home and auto, they can get it reviewed annually, but if they have more policies, depending on what is covered, they may need to update more often. If they buy a boat, motorcycle or new house, they will most need to acquire additional insurance to cover additional upgrades and needs. Bundling insurance can sometimes save a great deal of money, so ask your agent which is the best deal for you.

Roberts said that instead of charging extra for roadside service for a motorcycle like many people do, State Farm will give bikers the same coverage for their motorcycles as they have with their cars.

Roberts sponsors a few charities and gives back as he feels that Fairborn’s residents should work together to make their city a leader in the region. There are organizations that work to help Fairborn to grow and they just need to “stay positive and keep moving onward.” He supports some youth organizations, most of which he knows or has ties to, so that he knows where his support is going. He has also been asked to speak at schools regarding auto safety.

Roberts said that his business is here to help in anyway it can. His door is always open and his cell phone is on all the time. He said it was a privilege to do business on a daily basis here in Fairborn.

Roberts said that at the end of the day, “the softest pillow is the clear conscience,” so as long as he knows that he is doing everything in his power to make things better or do things right, he will sleep well at night.

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