Letter to the Editor


Piglet rescue a community effort


On June 8 in Xenia a semi-trailer went over a steep embankment and flipped on its side on US 35, taking 2,200 piglets, a driver and his passenger on a scary ride.

Along its path were a 100-foot section of guardrail, a light pole, and a small forest of trees. First responders from Xenia Township Fire Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and Xenia Police Division quickly responded for an entrapment and injured passenger. Within minutes the fire department requested the assistance of Moorman’s Towing and Body Shop to a scene of chaos. With a possible fuel leak, Moorman’s responded its special recovery team.

Working with Chief Dean Fox and the sheriff’s office, they quickly began coordinating a response team of 60-plus volunteers from all over Greene County, a feat not easily accomplished. With over half the pigs still alive and either trapped or on the run, volunteers immediately began rounding up the piglets in order to save their lives. With Moorman’s owner Randy Arnett, his three sons and help from W+W Automotive, they began to coordinate the scene for what only could be described as a nightmare.

Although Moorman’s Towing responded and took control of the recovery, it could not have been handled without the help of so many volunteers including Spring Valley Fire Department, New Jasper Township Fire Department and Xenia Fire Division. Farmers Andy and John Bledsoe, Matt Pitstick, Megan Cleary, and Jim Campbell offered their assistance to help recover and transport the piglets to the county fairgrounds where Bobby King and Esther Pierson offered the facility for the piglets’ safe-keeping.

Multiple agencies including Wilberforce police and Greene County Park Rangers also jumped into the mud to rescue the piglets. Moorman’s thanks each individual who showed up and worked.

On an accident that made it to the national press, this recovery could not have been handled any better. We are so grateful to people of Greene County who are always there for their neighbor. Moorman’s is proud to be a part of a community that truly exemplifies Xenia’s nickname “City of Hospitality.”

– Thomas Arnett, Business Manager Moorman’s Towing and Body Shop

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