Fairborn appoints Allen as deputy mayor


FAIRBORN — Council member Clint Allen was named deputy mayor by the Fairborn City Council on Feb. 19.

Allen was nominated by councilman McCubbins, and the motion was unanimously approved by the rest of the council.

“I just want to thank my colleagues, the mayor, for having the confidence and trust and mutual respect to appoint me to the position,” said Allen. “And I will do my very best to serve the city and serve this council and represent Fairborn.”

Allen said his position on the council is largely unchanged with the new title, and he’s still “one of seven people who vote and have input and influence in city decisions.”

Former Deputy Mayor Kevin Knepp ran for the position of mayor in November, and while Allen said it’s a possibility, he’s not concerned with future endeavors right now.

“It’s more about what’s in front of us,” Allen said. “It could lean me further in that decision, but right now I’m just honored to serve on this council.”

Appointing a deputy mayor had been on the agenda for the city for more than a month before it was done. Allen said the decision had to be pushed back because the council’s executive sessions were full of more tasks than they could fit in the allotted hour.

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