Ohio Cinderella Ambassador gives back to her community


FAIRBORN — Evelyn Bridenbaugh is just nine years old, she but has already made a name for herself in the Fairborn community.

Bridenbaugh became the first Ohioan to be named the Ohio Ambassador for the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant last year, and regularly spends her time organizing fund-raisers and handing out essentials to community members in need.

Last fall, Bridenbaugh handed out more than 1,000 meals at the Fairborn Phoenix, according to her mother Jasmine Bridenbaugh. In December, she also organized a drive collecting blankets, gloves, and hats, donating it all to the St. Vincent homeless shelter in Dayton. She also donates to Hannah’s Treasure Chest in Dayton and the Little Library in Fairborn, said Jasmine Bridenbaugh .

A student at Fairborn Intermediate School, Bridenbaugh will also bring donuts and homemade cookies in for the staff and students there.

The widespread community help began around Thanksgiving last year, according to Jasmine Bridenbaugh, when the two set out to do 25 things to help the people around them. From making cards to give to important people in their life to gathering food and other essentials to donate to the local FISH Pantry, the younger Bridenbaugh has already reached 20 so far.

“I’m extremely proud of her,” said Jasmine Bridenbaugh. “She really has a heart for service.”

Evelyn Bridenbaugh’s 10th birthday is coming up on March 1. To celebrate, she said wants to continue her work with the community by once again helping those in need.

For all of February, the Bridenbaughs are trying to gather supplies for 50 cakes to be given to the Fairborn FISH Pantry. Cake kits will be compiled with cake mix, candles, icing, and sprite (which can replace the oil and eggs in a cake), along with a pan to bake it in. Originally, the two hoped to get up to 31 cake kits, but because they’ve already reached 22, they’re now aiming for 50.

“I want to make a big impact on this world,” said Evelyn Bridenbaugh. “And I think that kindness is always the best way to help people.”

Evelyn Bridenbaugh added that her favorite part of doing the work she does is “seeing the happy smiles on everybody’s face.”

Along with her mother, Bridenbaugh said she has seen a lot of support from the community in all of the events she’s helped with or organized, and hopes to see it continue in the coming years.

“When I see someone happy, it makes me happy,” she said.

Residents wishing to donate to Evelyn’s birthday cake drive can reach out to Jasmine Bridenbaugh at [email protected].

Contact Ethan Charles at 937-502-4532.

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