Fairborn city manager Anderson resigns


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Manager Rob Anderson announced his resignation Monday.

In a letter released prior to the city council meeting held on Monday, Anderson said he ultimately decided to resign due to health concerns.

“I’ve realized that if I want to live to be a happy healthy person, longer than just the next several years, then I probably needed to make a change for my own personal mental health,” he said. “That’s really why I’m doing this.”

Anderson added that “the city is in excellent hands from a staff perspective,” and he is happy with what he’s leaving behind.

Anderson presented his separation deal to the council which was accepted. Fairborn Mayor Paul Keller will now enter into a separation agreement with Anderson, which includes three months of pay following his resignation, and a lump sum payment of all unused vacation time and 25 percent of his sick time.

The resignation will be effective December 31.

Anderson has served as city manager since 2017, before which he worked as Fairborn’s economic development director. He has also worked as city manager for Vandalia.

Along with comments from the council commending Anderson and his work for the city, citizens came forward to express their gratitude to Anderson for the work he has done on Monday.

Marilyn McCauley, previous councilwoman and community leader came forward and said, “I’ve never had a better working relationship with anybody as I had with Rob.”

The city manager also noted that his resignation was not due to a desire to move from Fairborn, and he will still be an active community member in the area.

“The last thing I want to say is thank you,” Anderson said following the supportive comments from the council and community. “That really means a lot.”

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