Fairborn leaders have a lot to be thankful for


FAIRBORN — Before schools let out for the holidays and Christmas shopping begins, leaders in Fairborn wanted to share what they’re thankful for this season after an especially eventful year.

Mayor Paul Keller is closing out 10 years of working as a council member and Mayor in Fairborn, and said he’s grateful for the many opportunities.

“I’m thankful for the amazing city staff and city managers, and as always I’m very thankful for family and friends as we get together and celebrate this time of year,” said Keller.

Fairborn City Schools is still in the process of building the new high school, and superintendent Gene Lolli said he’s thankful for the community support on such a big project.

“I’m very thankful to be working in a great school system and having the support from the board of education that I get on a daily basis. I’m also thankful for working with a great staff day in and day out that give our students a quality education,” said Lolli.

Dan Kirkpatrick was elected as Mayor this month and expressed his gratitude for being able to resume the position. He said he is most thankful for God and his wife of 42 years, as well as the opportunities he’s had serving Fairborn, his “all-time favorite place.”

Earlier this year, Ben Roman was promoted to Police Chief after serving in the interim position following Terry Bennington’s retirement. Roman said he is “thankful for the safety of my staff and the opportunity to lead the police department.”

Tana Stanton was recently re-elected to the Fairborn city council and said she had quite a few things to be thankful for this year.

“I am thankful for dogs, back episodes of Star Talk, and the knowledge that in 2024, Fairborn and Bath Township residents will all be able to enjoy clean air,” said Stanton.

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