Two seeking to become mayor


BEAVERCREEK — There are two candidates on the ballot this year hoping to secure election as the new Beavercreek mayor.

Don Adams and Joshua Ison are both looking to replace Bob Stone.

Adams said he has personal and political experience in the city.

“I’ve been active in Beavercreek for many years,” Adams said. “I have one more term and I’d like to serve it as mayor.”

According to Adams, while the city has some concerning issues, overall they’re in a good place.

“I’m not going to say we’re comfortable, but we’re in really good shape,” he said. “Obviously, the biggest problem we face here in Beavercreek is funding, because we are a property tax city. I want to get in there and try to come up with some alternative solutions to help fund the city.”

Along with addressing the property tax issue, Adams said he’s supportive of the new park, Spring House Park, and believes it will “be a destination place.”

“We don’t have a downtown in Beavercreek to speak of, and I think that could be a gathering place,” he said.

Overall, Adams said he doesn’t want to make any drastic changes out of the blue, and he’s optimistic about the future of Beavercreek.

Ison is seeking election to focus on the property tax problem he’s witnessed as a citizen and business owner.

“I saw some issues coming down the pike, particularly that our current administration was going to try to get an additional tax,” said Ison. “I think they’re wearing citizens down instead of representing them.”

Ison said the main reason he’s running is to begin to represent the citizens again. He wants to introduce more frequent town hall meetings, and speak with residents before putting a levy on the ballot. Currently, Ison said Beavercreek levies have just a little more than a 50 percent chance of passing.

“We have to stop frivolous spending, like contributions to associations and law firms,” he said.

Ison also expressed interest in digging into the current Beavercreek tax plan, and working with citizens to see if it’s sustainable. If not, Ison said he would like to introduce “a new plan, but not an additional one.”

According to Ison, the current administration is “out of touch” with citizens of Beavercreek, and he wants to change that.

“I decided to run in hopes that in 20 years when my kids are deciding where to settle down, they have Beavercreek as an option just like I did,” he said.

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