Fairborn hosts last football game at Memorial Stadium


FAIRBORN — Friends, fans, faculty, and graduates gathered at Baker Middle School Friday to participate in the“End of an Era” and reminisce about days — or in this case — years gone by.

Prior to the final football game at memorial Stadium dozens did a final walk through of the two-story school — slated for demolition next year — and take a peak in the classrooms they knew so well back in the day.

Good friends John Varner (class of 1960) and Skip Miller (class of 1973), both thought the school was a “great building that brought back a lot of memories.” Miller hoped that once the school was demolished, the grounds could be used for affordable housing complexes or a park.

Jeannette (class of 1979) and Harrison Evistin strolled slowly through the halls reminiscing about all the friends they had and all the wonderful memories their tour of Baker brought back.

“It’s sad to see it go,” Jeannette said.

Many families joined their sisters, brothers, and kids in touring the school. Some visitors had transferred from Baker to Park Hills and played sports at Fred Bushmeyer Field, now known as Fairborn Memorial Stadium.

“There’s a lot of us here tonight,” said Stephanie Malavich Barrett (class of 1982). Her husband, George Barrett (class of 1983), were on the lookout for fellow classmates.

“The tour tugs at my heartstrings a little bit,” said Bettina Barrett Imes (class of 1979), George Barrett’s older sister. Her children were in the class of 1981.

Zoe (Shoup) Shade (class of 1964), joined her friend Dottie (Nisonger) Estepp (class of 1964), and her husband Ron Estepp (class of 1970), in making the rounds. The fellow alumni were disappointed the gym was locked but continued their walk down memory lane laughing about their days spent as a Flyerette, a band member, and a baseball player.

After the tour, the former graduates gathered at the alumni tent in the southern endzone for refreshments and to trade stories about their high school escapades.

The stands were packed in anticipation of watching the last game to be played at the stadium. Fairborn’s new high school’s completion date is set for August 2024, where football games will be hosted next year.

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