Housing program adopted by city council


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City Council approved a motion to give four vacant land parcels to the Fairborn Development Corporation (FDC) for reconstruction purposes, with the hope of doing more.

The city currently owns more than 40 vacant properties, received through court-ordered actions including tax delinquency, property assessment delinquency, and abandonment. According to Assistant City Manager Mike Gebhart, this resolution will hopefully spearhead efforts to put these properties to good use.

“I’m excited for this one,” he said introducing the resolution to the council for approval on Sept. 18. “This one is going to hopefully be our pilot program. The city has multiple vacant properties, and this will start the process for us to remove those from our inventory.”

The properties initially cited in the proposal are located at 100 Dellwood Drive, 489 Kirkwood Drive, 495 Kirkwood Drive and 43 Thornton Drive.

The resolution calls for the city to hand over the properties to the FDC, which will then sell the properties to local builders and eventually fill them with residents. Money earned by the FDC will then go toward funding other projects as needed.

“One of the best things we can do is infill housing,” said Gebhart. “Not create side lots or side yards for folks, but actually bring new housing stock into the neighborhood to help reinvigorate the neighborhood. I can’t say enough good things about infill programs.”

The resolution was adopted unanimously, and the properties will be transferred to the FDC for $1. Council members also voiced encouragement for the continuation of the infill program later on.

“I think this is a win-win for the city all the way around, for the residents and the city,” said Councilwoman Mary Reaster.

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