Photos by Steven Wright | Greene County News

The Beavercreek student section at Welcome Stadium cheer on their team as they head to the locker room at halftime. Beavercreek defeated Ponitz CTC 62-7 on Saturday.

Members of the Wee Eagles cheerleading and dance squads entertained fans before the game against Miamisburg on Friday and cheered on their Golden Eagles team.

The Beavercreek offense with sophomore Jack Minnick (12) at quarterback scored on all eight of their possessions against Ponitz CTC.

Bellbrook sophomore Vincent Epifano (10) takes the hand off and has his path cleared by senior Mohammad Al-Halawat (56).

Rushing for 153 yards and three touchdowns in the win against Ponitz was Beavercreek senior Quentin Youngblood (1).

The Bellbrook defense has swarmed opponents this season, just like four did on this Miamisburg ball carrier with senior Alex Florea (71) and junior Gavin McConnell (4) in on the tackle.

The Beavercreek defense made everything a struggle for the Ponitz offense, as a trio of seniors in C. J. Crawford (25), Van Stacy (3) and Tyler Kelly (35) get in on this tackle.

The battle in the trenches between Bellbrook and Miamisburg was a battle for supremacy all evening. Miamisburg pulled out a 14-10 win.

Beavercreek senior Eli Gaudette (11) celebrates his blocked punt touchdown recovery with junior Thor Sitler (90).

Leaping high but unable to bring down this pass attempt for Bellbrook was sophomore Noah Barrios (82).

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