19 residential units to be built


FAIRBORN —Fairborn City Council Aug. 21 approved plans to construct 19 new residential buildings.

The site development area is approximately 40 acres, with 22 acres designated for the 19 residential homes. The area is located north of Armstrong Road, east of Black Lane, south of Dayton Springfield Road and west of West Enon Road.

Council voted 6-1 with Tana Stanton casting the no vote.

Kathleen Riggs, city planner for Fairborn, presented the rezoning ordinance in a public hearing during which she discussed previous conversations with the planning board — which originally recommended denial of the resolution because of the applicant’s request for a waiver to meet certain city standards — and adjacent property owners.

According to Riggs, staff recommended approval after the applicant agreed to meet all city standards the board outlined, including installation of sidewalks, gutters, curbs, and streets to city standard.

The plan includes the construction of two streets to accommodate the homes, one connecting to Cliffside Drive.

The applicant will need to return for approval, according to Riggs, in order to actually plat each lot. This approval is just the first preliminary plan, which could include three phases if the remaining unused land is to be approved for any development projects in the future.

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