New residence hall ready for move-in day at CU


CEDARVILLE — A year after Cedarville University recorded the largest freshman class and highest total enrollment in its 136-year history, the university will open a new residence hall for the 2023-24 academic year to accommodate the growing student body.

Morton Hall, an $8.75 million, 120-bed residence for women on the north side of campus, is the sixth residence hall built in the past five years. Named in memory of James Morton, one of Cedarville’s original founders, it is ready for freshmen and returning students to fill its rooms during the annual “Getting Started” move-in day on Friday, Aug. 18.

The previous five new residence halls include Walker, Jenkins, Bates, Parker, and Wood. Collectively, these facilities have added 528 beds.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to add another residence hall to our campus,” said Dr. Thomas White, university president. “Our residence halls are not just living spaces; they build a strong community and foster opportunities for spiritual growth.”

Morton was one of the founding members of Cedarville College in the late 1880s, serving as secretary for the committee that bought the land that is now Cedarville University. He was active in recruiting students and serving on the board.

He also faithfully served his congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church which is now Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville for 40 years.

“We want to honor Cedarville’s founders,” said White. “James Morton was pivotal to Cedarville’s history, and he faithfully cared for the spiritual needs of our community.”

With a continued focus on the future, Cedarville has plans for a new residential village to house students on the west side of campus. Workers have already broken ground on the first residence hall with three others planned as needed to accommodate the growing enrollment. The first residence hall in the new complex will house nearly 350 students and is slated to open in 2024.

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