City approves weed mowing ordinance


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City Council unanimously approved an assessment of delinquent utility, weed mowing and nuisance abatement invoices after a recent public hearing.

The resolution was a compilation of three ordinances regarding utility maintenance, weed mowing and demolition/nuisance abatement. Over the course of the year, residents have received a total of $156,969.40 in assessment costs from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023.

The costs are accrued through a lengthy process where the city reaches out and notifies residents of a nuisance — whether it be a utility charge that is unpaid, a lawn that has not been mowed, or nuisance that must be demolished. If the resident in question does not take care of the issue for a period of time, the city will pay to have the problem rectified and the owner will be billed for all expenses incurred by the city. Any unpaid amounts are certified to the county auditor.

Weed mowing cases have been by far the most common, with 573 cases during the year totaling $97,422.76 for which residents are now responsible.

One issue brought up by the council was regarding the wait time between the city issuing a notice to a resident and the city stepping in and charging the resident afterward. According to City Manager Rob Anderson, this wait time is “usually around seven days.”

This amount of time was acceptable for the council as a reasonable amount of time before the resident waives the right to take care of their property, making the city responsible. The council unanimously approved the resolution to make property owners responsible for these unpaid charges.

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