10 year old wins runner up at the goat show


XENIA — Samantha Jenkins, just 10 years old, won second place in the goat show Monday afternoon against kids several years her senior.

Part of the Next Generation 4-H group, Jenkins just finished fourth grade and is on her second year of showing goats like this one, and first year getting a trophy.

When talking about how she felt competing with kids so much older, Jenkins said “it’s scary,” but you couldn’t tell watching her handle her animal and keep it under control for the judges.

At her age, the goats she shows are nearly as tall as she is, meaning Jenkins had to work extra hard with her animal to be sure its ready for the fair.

“I walk them for maybe an hour every day,” she said.

And that hard work paid off. Including the first round, which she won, and the two awards for getting second place, Jenkins walked home with three awards for her goat.

Jenkins got into showing animals thanks to her sister, Kailee Sutton, who is now 18.

“She’s been doing it since she was eight, and I’ve always helped her,” said Jenkins. “She’s been a role model.”

Jenkins also shows chickens and another goat at the fair, but this competition is one of her favorites, and she said she’s looking forward to next year’s competition.

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