Council approves residential building plans


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City Council July 17 approved the first phase of a residential subdivision on Armstrong Road, which will create 48 dwelling lots on 14 acres of land. Later phases expand this project across 40 acres.

The city approved the rezoning and preliminary plan for this project, Hillside Meadows, in September 2022 during which discussion took place to iron out potential conflicts.

The plot of land discussed runs right next to properties along Cliffside Drive in Fairborn, and the proposal plans on creating a landscape buffer on the west side of the new properties.

One lot allocated in the first phase will be used as a detention pond for water drainage. The plot is located along the Cliffside properties, but according to Assistant City Engineer Manuel Jacobs, the system is designed to keep excess water from spilling over and flooding any adjacent properties.

Three new streets will be created to accommodate the homes with more expected as the project enters into following phases.

Along with additional residential buildings and roads, further phases outlined in the resolution already approved note plans to extend Cliffside Drive and remove the cul de sac. One resident spoke up against this decision during the meeting disapproving of that particular decision and urging the council to keep Cliffside Drive a cul de sac in phase two for reasons of privacy and lack of traffic.

“The residents of Cliffside Drive presently live on a cul de sac and choose to live that way because of the design feature and the limited traffic that’s on their street,” said Alan Carney. “It needs to be kept that way.”

He said the developer is proposing to extend the street “Against the wills and rights of the Cliffside residents.”

It is unclear whether Cliffside Drive will remain a cul de sac as the plans move forward, but resolutions to remove this feature will have to be approved at a later date, according to city officials.

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